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Green pine forests have a world-wide reputation for the warm sea and historical atmosphere in the harmony of green and blue. Gocek is surrounded by Islands; it is possible to reach Gocek Island, Tersane Island, Pig Island, Yassica Island, Zeytinada (Olive Island), Kızılada (Red Island), Rabit Island and Katrancik Island on daily tours. You can witness the beauty of bays and coves such as Osmanağa Bay, Boynuz Bükü, Bedri Rahmi, Sıralı, Sarsala, Manastır and Göbün Bays. You can swim between the islands close to each other, increase your beauty and health in Cleopatra's Bath, go back to history with the ancient Greek settlement ruins on Tersane Island with long walks. You can also spend a poetic day in the bay, named after Bedri Rahmi Eyuboglu, who shed his love to the music. We are in Daidala, one of the border cities of the ancient Lycian civilization.

The Lycian settlements dating back to 1400 BC, Tlos, Pinara, Sidyma, Letoon, Xsanthos, Patara, Cadianda, Daidela say that we are still here to resist the wars and earthquakes, and attract thousands of people visitors every year. lt is possible to have a daily travel from our hotel to these precious historical places.

Our hotel is situated in a very unique natural valley surrounded by pine forest on one side, Günlük Tree ("log" trees Liquidambar in latin). which is the world’s largest oxygen producing trees and grows in only 3 regions in the world, just in Marmaris – Fethiye region in Turkey and Inlice beach.

Hotel Dalos is in an ideal location for trekking, cycling and hiking. You can reach the sea by walking or by bike from the riverside. Gocek; It is a place of paradise with its bays and big and small islands where blue and green meet. Göcek is the heaven on earth with its bays, big and small islands where blue and green are in harmony. Mention of Gocek, The first thing that comes to mind is the Yassıcalar; Consisting of 5 islets of various sizes, it is a very special stop for boat tours. There are many beutiful beaches on the north end. Travelling between islands are different advanture. The north end of the main island, which stretches south to the north, is on the sandy beach and is ideal for swimming. Traveling among the islets separated by narrow gorges and encountering a new beauty at every turn is like an insatiable adventure. Especially if you are anchored in a moonlit night, you might think yourself in the world of imagination or dream. From the masters of Turkish literature and painting art, Bedri Rahmi Eyüboğlu had a blue voyage to those islands in 1974 and drown a fish in the fountain of edge and this bay named as Bedri Rahmi Eyüboğlu since then.

A lovely holiday resort on the shore of the natural channel called Calbis in the ancient world, which connects Lake Koycegiz to the sea, is a favorite of nature lovers. Having boat trip in the reeds, visit the ancient city of Kaunos, mud bath to gain health and beauty, visit caretta caretta’s haunt and spawning place to enjoy the sea-sun on the beach are unforgettable and unique experiences. And you can do it all in one day. Dalyan Iztuzu beach is the spawning place of Mediterranean turtles under protection. You can experience the hatchling turtles reaching the sea together with volunteers and share this moment with them.

Muğla is on the way of migration path of birds and this is the unique place for bird watcher. It is one of the most important accommodation and hatcheries of the birds with its rich wetlands and bays, and it offers great opportunities for birdwatchers. The valley of the butterflies, whose walls were said to touch heaven, was named after Jarsey Tiger (Lion Butterfly). You can see this special butterfly from June to october in this region. Saklikent is in the length of 18 km which is Turkey's longest canyon. It is 200 meters in height on average, and 600 meters for somewheres, the sky does not appear from time to time because of the height. When the sun is at its highest, you may feel cold in the air when you are there.

Kayakoy is live open-air museum whose old name is Levissi or Karmylassos. This Village population was reached 3000, late Ottoman period and it is an open museum. Oludeniz Beach was selected as the most beautiful beach in the world in 2006, with 82% of votes. During the Lycians time It was called the Country of Light and Sun. It is one of the best and most unique "Lagoon" formations in Turkey.






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